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    MOVIN' ON complete season 1 &2$100.00
    Movin On Series Combo Pack: The Complete Series (Season 1 and 2)
    Starring: Claude Akins and Frank Converse
    This set contains all 44 episodes of the show
    44 episodes on 12 DVDs
    Season 1 (1974–1975)
    "The Time of His Life" (September 12, 1974)
    "Roadblock" (September 19, 1974)
    "Grit" (September 26, 1974)
    "Lifeline" (October 3, 1974)
    "The Trick Is to Stay Alive" (October 10, 1974)
    "Cowhands" (October 24, 1974)
    "The Good Life" (November 7, 1974)
    "Games" (November 14, 1974)
    "Hoots" (November 21, 1974)
    "Good for Laughs" (November 28, 1974)
    "High Rollers" (December 5, 1974)
    "Goin' Home (Part 1)" (December 12, 1974)
    "Goin' Home (Part 2)" (December 19, 1974)
    "Antiques" (December 26, 1974)
    "Explosion" (January 2, 1975)
    "Landslide" (January 16, 1975)
    "Fraud" (January 30, 1975)
    "Ammo" (February 6, 1975)
    "Tattoos" (February 13, 1975)
    "Ransom" (February 20, 1975) (Originally set to air on January 23, 1975 under the title "Ann's Party", but was delayed due to a presidential television interview)
    "The Price of Loving" (April 2, 1975)
    "Wedding Bells" (April 9, 1975)
    Season 2 (1975–1976)
    "The Stowaway" (September 9, 1975)
    "From Baltimore to Eternity" (September 16, 1975)
    "The Toughest Man in America" (September 23, 1975)
    "The Elephant Story" (September 30, 1975)
    "Home Is Not a House" (October 7, 1975)
    "...To Be in Carolina" (October 14, 1975)
    "Will the Last Trucker Leaving Charlotte Turn Out the Lights?" (October 21, 1975)
    "General Delivery Raleigh" (November 4, 1975)
    "The Big Wheel"(November 11, 1975)
    "Prosperity Number One" (November 16, 1975)
    "Please Don't Talk to the Driver" (November 25, 1975)
    "The Long Way to Nowhere" (December 9, 1975)
    "Breakout" (December 16, 1975)
    "Love, Death and Laura Brown"(December 23, 1975)
    "The Old South Will Rise Again" (January 6, 1976)
    "Witch Hunt" (January 16, 1976)
    "The Big Switch" (January 20, 1976)
    "Woman of Steel" (January 27, 1976)
    "Living It Up" (February 10, 1976)
    "No More Sad Songs" (February 17, 1976)
    "Full Fathom Five" (February 24, 1976)
    "Sing It Again, Sonny" (March 2, 1976)
    Sonny Pruitt and Will Chandler (Akins and Converse) star as two gypsy truckers traveling
    the country in stories filled with plenty of action and adventure on the highways.
    This TV series originally aired from 1974 - 1976 on broadcast television.

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    BJ AND THE BEAR $50.00
    This Multi-Disc set contains all three seasons of the classic show, including the two Lobo crossover episodes for a
    total of 52 episodes in all.
    This complete set has been compiled from fans and collectors of the show from around the world. Please keep in
    mind the sources for this show were apparently fans who recorded the shows back during it's initial run, and since
    it has not been on television since 1984 the sources of the recordings are over 20 years old, and it does show in
    the playback quality, which can vary greatly from one episode to the next. While the majority of the episodes are of
    decent quality, there are a handful that are not so great but still watchable. Please keep this in mind when
    purchasing this set for resale.
    Given the fact that Greg Evigan himself even stated at the Louisville truck show this year that
    the series will most likely never see the light of day getting an official release,(there's never even been anything
    released on VHS either) this is probably the only way anyone will ever get to relive the show and all it's glory